Martin and Katrina Dzuris have served as board members of a missions program based in India since 2000. They have traveled to Israel and India and served at the very orphanages, schools, and medical centers they support. They expanded ICAN Relief to the state of Michigan, a relief fund for those affected by natural disasters. Both are born again Christians. Martin came to personally know the Lord about 25 years ago, after defecting communism as an atheist and coming to this great Christian nation. Katrina has personally known Christ as long as she was old enough to understand and accept salvation.

Understanding the importance of Jewishness of Christ and Yeweh's chosen people, Martin and Katrina traveled to Israel to meet with other Christian and Jewish leaders to join with them in the mission of supporting Israel and God's chosen people.
In 2013, started True Vine Revealed in New Buffalo to continue the effort of meeting the needs of others through the significance of oil, water, & wine. True Vine meets the spiritual needs of those in the community through services and pastor availability 7 days a week to partake in sacrament and provide biblical answers to emotional, economical, and spiritual issues. Services are held whenever the doors are open. Services include one on one sharing the Word with those desiring to hear and sacrament if desired.
Katrina Dzuris, serving the needs of those in India,
Martin Dzuris, Pastor & Board President
Martin & Katrina on the Mount of Olives